• causes of gynecomastia

    It is important to point out that the causes of gynecomastia vary between individuals. Men who use certain drug therapies such as anabolic steroids can develop this disorder and also females who use the hormone sex replacement are also at risk of developing gynecomastia.

    Research has also found that people who use street drugs could also develop gynecomastia as drugs such as marijuana have been found to be a cause of gynecomastia.

    Another theory is that gynecomastia is caused by unbalanced sex hormones or abnormalities with the tissues that are responsive to these hormones. It is important to point out that hypertrophy is one of the main causes of gynecomastia. That is why it needs specific treatments

    In many cases of gynecomastia, the breast tissues and mammary glands are larger and actually function more than they are supposed to.  There are many factors that cause this to happen including taking medications such as omeprazole, cimetidine, spironolactone and some antipsychotic medications.

    Research has also found that an increase in estrogen levels can also cause gynecomastia as well as certain conditions which affect the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is also important to point out that although there are many possible causes of gynecomastia, there is no defined cause for about 30% of cases.

    During puberty some people will experience gynecomastia which is short-lived, however, aging is one of the factors that can cause this condition. Obesity can also result in an enlarged appearance in the chest and research has found that this enlarged appearance can actually develop into gynecomastia.

    Genetic research has also been carried out with regard to the causes of gynecomastia and it has been found that if the male sex cells have an additional X chromosome then this can cause gynecomastia. When the chromosome constitution is XXY instead of XY, this can affect the normal development of the male characteristics and actually lead to gynecomastia.

    Heart disease and liver disorders have also been found to cause gynecomastia. Certain tumors can cause the formation of large breasts in men and some of these tumors such as adrenal tumors and testicular tumors secrete a high amount of estrogen which can cause gynecomastia. Breast cancer that occurs in males is also one of the chief causes of gynecomastia.

    One of the effects of major surgery is the accumulation of fatty tissue and this is another cause of gynecomastia. It is important to point out that in some cases estrogen is used to actually treat certain diseases, however, this hormone has been found to be a cause of gynecomastia.

  • Gyno Burns

    If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding man boobs treatment. It is true that man is a nightmare for many people all around the world. If you're going to get used to this, then you're going to have a good time. However, the good news is that there are viable and natural treatments that you can use to get rid of your man boobs and achieve that sexy masculine look which women crave.

    Diet and Exercises

    There are many diet and fitness programs that have become effective when it comes to getting rid of man boobs. You should consider these as an effective treatment for breast cancer.

    The exercises are a great treatment as well. You can perform specific exercises that can target the affected areas that can then reduce or eliminate your man boobs. Many of these exercises have actually been developed by people who have suffered from Gynecomastia. Combining these exercises with a well-balanced diet can help to remove the fatty deposits that cause man boobs.

    The Supplements

    They are natural supplements which are specially made to target chest fat and reduce it quickly. The advantage of using gynecomastia is that there is a greater need for this procedure than for other patients.

    The recommended supplement which is used as a  gynecomastia treatment pills is Gynectrol. It is important to point out that this solution is much more affordable compared to surgery.

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Another treatment is a male breast reduction surgery. It is important to note that this treatment should be used as a last resort. Although some people have reported excellent results using the surgery, it is very expensive and there are some costs involved with this method of man boobs treatment. Many men believe that this is the easiest way to get rid of man boobs, however, it is important to point out that surgery can cause scarring and other deformities on your chest.

    You should also cut down on your intake of alcohol and have a better condition. Exercising is the most healthy and practical way to get rid of man boobs. When you lose weight, you will develop a leaner body that will then eliminate your man boobs.

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